Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1, Sanatorium

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Genre: Action/Adventure/Horror, FPS

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  • Completely new Slenderman experience on PC and Android
  • You have to collect 8 pages, but this time you have a GUN!
  • Shoot Slenderman and escape the horror
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Change level of details to fit your device!

This game is not like any other Slenderman you’ve played.



You come at your first location. Sanatorium. There are rumors that Slenderman likes to hang around these grounds. Take your gun and shoot him. You have to collect 8 pages, because that is the only way that Slenderman will appear to you!
If you are lucky, you can find a shotgun!
Be careful, ammo is very limited. You have just enough to kill him… Or die trying!


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