Slenderman Must Die, Chapter 2 is Coming!

Slenderman Must Die Chapter 2 is close! Prepare Yourselves! New Location, New Weapons, New Slenderman MODEL!

Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 V 1.01

Try the new version and tell us what you think. We are working on Chapter 2, and it’s gonna be longer to play and also completely new location for Slenderman. Stay tuned for more info about completely new Slenderman!

Slenderman Must Die! V 1.0

We have try to create something different! We Know that people love to run from Slenderman, but it’s normal to fight back! That is why this game is not like any other Slenderman you’ve played. Give it a try and tell us what you think, what we need to change and then we can make more chapters.

Z Day Shootout on Android

Maybe some of you played Z Day Shootout on PC. We have released PC version on 31 December 2013, and on 15 February 2014 Android version become alive or undead on google play store! 6 levels to play. Lot of Zombies to kill and of course, there is a BOSS at the end of the game. If you like classic shooters, you gonna love this one.