Shoot Your Nightmare Chapter 1

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Genre: Horror, FPS


FPS Horror Shooter! Explore Your Nightmares. Try To Wake Up!

If you love Slenderman Type of games, you’re gonna love this game!



– You are trapped inside your nightmare. You must fight your way through!
– You need to collect 12 clocks to wake up.
– Knife / Gun / Shotgun / M4 Weapons!

War Hero. Killer. What Am I?

When I first arrived home in May 2013,
six months after the latest war had ended, nightmares started.
Doctors told me that war veterans are commonly at risk for PTSD.
I have those terrible flashbacks, and nightmares!
This is one of them!

I must try to control my dream.
Do do that i need to collect 12 clocks!
Anything that come in my way i will shoot.
I Must Kill My Demons. I Must… WAKE UP.